Time for some honesty…


During a wedding, the Bride and Groom don’t have much time to sit and relax.

There’s family to see, wedding traditions to do, and in-between all that their friends will be wanting attention too!

One of the few moments of respite during the big night is when the couple can sit down to eat at their table.



This special throne-like platform in the center of the room for all to see is the Sweetheart Table which will, of course, be photographed.




This being said, it should be a representation of the Bride and Groom and somehow also carry over the style from what decor is on each guest’s table to fit the rest of the wedding.


It is the couple’s little oasis in a sea of their biggest fans. How they chose to decorate it can vary from simple to grand!


Make it comfortable, or use it to really send out a statement! Either way, the Sweetheart Table is Home Base while the show is on.

Own it.

Photo by Mirrelle Carmichael


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