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Great Escapes!

May 27, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

  It’s finally the end of the most wonderful, probably the most hectic, night of a couple’s life. Why not go out in style for their Grand Exit?   Much like celebrities, the Bride and Groom are never without their dutiful paparazzi (aka the photographers), shuffling them from one picture pose to the next. Everything is … Read More

Head vs. Sweetheart Tables

May 20, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

Royal Dias or Grand Feasting Table?   Choosing whether you want to sit close to your bridal party and family or on your own throne as wedding royalty can be a tough choice. Wedding planning can be exhausting and one of the hardest parts is the seating chart. After worrying about where and how your guests will … Read More

Indoor Ceremony

May 13, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

  Our Indoor Ceremony options vary depending on which backdrop you’d rather have!     This particular wedding had the top of the aisle facing the Harbor, but the exact same arrangement can be flipped to face the Marina too.     We’re very flexible here at Harbor View Loft and want your ceremony to … Read More

Kelly & Daniel | Abigail Gagne Photography

May 9, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

Seashells and Star Wars     Not so long ago in a quiet harbor close, close to Downtown San Diego…   It is a period of jubilant celebration. Kelly and Daniel, striking out into the world with their love, have won their first victory against trials testing their devotion: Wedding Planning…   We’re definitely just … Read More