Just in case you haven’t heard, September and October are popular months to say “I do,” especially here in San Diego! It’s not hard to imagine why. The weather is perfect, seasonal cocktails are abundant, and those warm Autumnal tones are all the rage for wedding decor this year! Beyond the seasonal beauty, we also love the welcoming, homey vibe that comes with the fall wedding season. We’ve gathered some of our favorite fall wedding design tips that incorporate all the natural fall foliage that’ll accentuate that cozy atmosphere while still keeping your event elevated to your formal wedding dreams. 

Set the Tone

Wedding stationery is your first opportunity to share your vision with guests. So, if you’re experimenting with color in your décor (more on that later), go ahead and begin with the invitation suite. We’re obsessed with this bold design, which incorporates botanical accents, textured details, and tonal hues like yellow, green, and brass.

Welcome Guests

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We’ve touched on the idea of a welcome gift in our previous posts. It’s always a good idea to snag another chance to make a great first impression on your guests! With the thought of wedding food in their heads, people tend to arrive hungry to these events and just really want something to eat and drink when they arrive. Take a cue from this box and include seasonal favorites like local brews, produce, and honey. 

Showcase Local Brews

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No fall bar is complete without seasonal brews. You can take this idea to the next level by having tasting flights for every guest! Or, ask your caterer if they’d recommend any pairings with your appetizers. Thoughtful and tasty extras like this will really wow your guests. like wedding planner Callista Osborn of Callista and Company did at her own fall wedding.

Make the Bar a Focal Point

Speaking of brews, match the signature cocktails to the rest of the décor! This two-for-one trick uses the ingredients as decor by sitting on display (in chic, minimalistic vessels) without the bar feeling cluttered.

Decorate with Gourds

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Talk to your florist about what options they’d suggest for the season, but we always love gorgeous golden leaves, bright flowers (like dahlias, marigolds, and zinnias) in bloom, and items like pumpkins, gourds, and fresh fruits (apples, pears, pomegranates) straight from the market. They’re already going to be in abundance everywhere, why not utilize them in your fall wedding décor?

Dress for Success

Tiny details like this feathered bowtie get us so excited for the fall wedding season! Adding fun textures or designs to smaller details helps to create your signature look for your big day.

Skip all that Frosting

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Semi-naked cakes will be in style every season, but these minimally frosted cupcakes look rustic without losing their elevated charm. 

Serve Mini Pies

When we think of Autumn, we think of pies. This is why a mini confection is the perfect fall wedding favor—especially when packaged with a takeout box, fork, and thank you note!

Have a Fire Pit (S’mores Optional)

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What’s better than snuggling up under a blanket next to a cozy fire?? Every fall wedding should end with a campfire. End of story.        

Gift Herb-Infused Favors

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After an event focused on food, send everyone home with something, they can use in their kitchen. We’re into these perfectly packaged bottles of infused oils.

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