Table arrangements can be a difficult science…

Too few details and the table looks bare,

Too many details and there’s no room for the guests!

Here are some of our favorite examples to help inspire anyone looking for some guidance.


Photo by Amy Lynn Photography

Gold accents go with succulents like lace goes with burlap:

they’re in opposite categories, but their contrast pairs together so well!


Photo by Aldous Photo

For the picture above, the Bride and Groom collected mussel shells from the beach during the months leading up to their wedding.

Just before the big day, the Bride hand-painted bits of gold leaf onto each shell!

The shells plus the eucalyptus ring circled some simple beach-themed vases with succulents.

The whole set was well thought out, economical, and absolutely charming.


Photo by Walter Wilson Studios

Sometimes pinkish pastels aren’t quite what you’re looking for and this picture above shows that you can go dark without your event looking dismal.

The black sequined linen adds a bit of edge, class, and allows for simple decorations!


Photo by True Photography

On the opposite end of the spectrum, where we live and breathe pink, this linen above has the similar benefit of allowing for smaller simpler decorations.

It also adds a fun air of cheerfulness and buoyancy because of the texture.


Photo by Let’s Frolic Together

Make your wedding favors part of your centerpieces!

Here, the bride and Groom are gifting a succulent to each guest.

Why not keep them on the tables for the guests to enjoy during the event?


Photo by Leaf Photography

You can’t go wrong with a classically romantic floral arrangement as a table’s focal point…


Photo by Briana Nolan

But ones a little more out-of-the-box are fun too!


Photo by Linsey Middleton Photography

In the photo above, the Bride and Groom brought a piece of their personal relationship into their decor.

Each table was numbered using giant custom made Scrabble piece!

Each guest received a magnet made by the couple out of small Scrabble tiles spelling out aspects of their relationship that they cherished.

Here in the picture, we can see “dream” at the bottom out of focus.


Your tables are what your guests are going to be sitting at 50% of the reception.

What they look like matter, so make them your own!

Huge appreciation to all the amazing photographers for these stunning pictures

and constant thanks to the Personal Touch Dining Team who Manage and Cater to our beautiful loft!




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