For some, a cake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.



Dessert trends have been pointing away from classic tiered cakes with their overly sweet inaccurate count issues

and towards experimenting with smaller portions or varieties of treats as options for guests.



Donuts in particular over the last few years have rocketed off the charts in popularity!

Honestly, who can resist fried dough covered in sugar?



Especially when it can come this personalized!!



Cupcakes offer options for your guests as well!

Instead of ordering one layer of cake hoping and worrying about anybody’s dietary restrictions,

ordering cupcakes allows for specific numbers of different flavors to please everyone.



Cookies, brownies, lemon bars, candies, and any other sugary concoction can go on a dessert station.

Choose your favorite, and go wild! We love seeing couples get creative with their choices.

Just ask our coordinators for ideas on how best to display all of your treats!


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