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Bridesmaids Dress Style Inspiration

March 25, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

Always a Bridesmaid? Always best dressed! Let’s all take a moment to thank the Gods of wedding fashion for finally cutting the poor bridesmaids some slack! Gone are the terrifying patterns, unnecessary frills, and–honestly–UGLY bridesmaids dresses that condemned sisters, friends, and cousins to entire days trapped in sympathetic awkwardness.   These days, Brides have changed … Read More

Dessert Displays!

March 18, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

For some, a cake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.     Dessert trends have been pointing away from classic tiered cakes with their overly sweet inaccurate count issues and towards experimenting with smaller portions or varieties of treats as options for guests.     Donuts in particular over the last few years have … Read More

Sweetheart Tables | Harbor View Loft

March 14, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

Time for some honesty…   During a wedding, the Bride and Groom don’t have much time to sit and relax. There’s family to see, wedding traditions to do, and in-between all that their friends will be wanting attention too! One of the few moments of respite during the big night is when the couple can … Read More

Tablescape Inspiration | Harbor View Loft

March 7, 2019By Harbor View LoftQuick Updates

  Table arrangements can be a difficult science… Too few details and the table looks bare, Too many details and there’s no room for the guests! Here are some of our favorite examples to help inspire anyone looking for some guidance.   Gold accents go with succulents like lace goes with burlap: they’re in opposite … Read More