Welcome to Part Three of our 2021 Trendy Wedding Predictions Series!

The 2021 wedding couple is as aware of themselves as they are of the world around them. This awareness extends to how a wedding reception will influence the guests as well as the environment. In 2021, we see a trend towards a focus on the intention behind these weddings and guest entertainment.

Reception Activities and Intentions

Generally, nowadays many couples are getting married later in life. Meaning certain traditional conventions around their lives “pre-wedding” have fallen to the side. Facts show that they’re most likely paying for the weddings themselves, meaning Mom and Dad have a little less say in the planning details. When these couples finally decide to tie the knot, they tend to find themselves already equipped with everything they need from a wedding registry. Thanks to hit Netflix shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, instead of adding to their pile of possessions, many couples are choosing the minimalistic approach and opting for only the necessities. So what do they expect from their guests? Nothing.

These couples ask, “what can we do for you?

Give Back

Green Weddings

Eco-friendly/Sustainable weddings are skyrocketing in popular online searches. With a careful bit of research, nearly everything from your big day can have a more positive impact on the environment. Vendors are noticing this trend as well and moving fast to be the first in their fields to provide the latest eco-friendly high-end decor, food, florals, and even cutlery!


Many couples are choosing to use their wedding as an opportunity to give back. Instead of favors, many are choosing to use that money for a better cause, and your guests can vote on which charity they’d like you to donate to on their behalf. Couples can also collect donations through GoFundMe.com or other Crowdfunding Sites instead of gifts. These are easy to set up and a snap for guests to use!

The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is the cleanup at the end of the night. Even if it’s just repacking the get-away mobile, what are you supposed to do with twelve floral arrangements and seven pounds of leftover food?? During the planning process, don’t forget to ask your vendors if they have the resources to donate any extra food or florals. Chances are they have lists of local donation programs who will be delighted by your extra goodies!

Guest Experience

What do you remember most about the weddings you’ve attended? The truth is, after the location decor, most people tend to retain details from parts they interacted in, such as the meal and dancing. To the disappointment of the Bride and Groom, one heartfelt ceremony blends into the next, despite how special everyone thinks their love story is. So, most details go unnoticed. Some trendy couples are determined to leave a lasting impression.

Side-Show Attractions
Logan Cole Photography, Darling ton House of La Jolla

Our trendy 2021 wedding predictions see couples willing to explore new avenues of guest entertainment that go beyond a photo booth! We’ve already seen magicians, henna tattoo artists, sketch artists, haiku poets, and tarot card readers at these trendy weddings, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Interactive Ceremonies

These are becoming more popular too! Customize your ceremony to be part of the celebration, not just the tedious paperwork before the party. Bring up family and friends who want to feel included by having them read poems or spiritual verses! After the vows, have guests celebrate by toasting with a glass of champagne after the Big Kiss. The possibilities are endless, and we’re sure your guests will be delighted they could be such an integral part of your big day.

Mixologist Bars
Logan Cole Photography, Darling ton House of La Jolla

Wow your guests with specialty cocktails made by booze wizards! Upgrade the entire feel of your event through the highest quality cocktails. These magical mixers of elixirs will delight and amaze with their incredible skills and knowledge of their craft.

The After Party

Send Grandma home, and let your wild side out! A Hotel or Airbnb Party for your guests is both responsible and fun. Schedule a separate shin-dig for the party animals in your group, so the night doesn’t have to end at ten pm!


Thanks for following us to the end of our Three-Part Series!

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