This year has brought so much unpredictability, so we asked our experts what kind of changes to expect from 2020-2021 weddings. In this crazy world today, the realm of impossibility has ceased to exist, and couples are taking notice! We’ve found that couples are emerging from quarantine with a new sense of self. For example, we’re seeing activists, people equipped with new skills, and couples more in-tune with themselves than ever before. Thus, the overall 2020-2021 wedding trend appears to be Individuality.

No two weddings are the same, but couples are thoroughly tossing tradition, and tailor fitting their event details. We’ve broken down all these newest trends into a three-part series for our readers to help inspire everyone on their wedding planning journey. So follow us and see if any of these trendy wedding predictions are for you!

Part One: Motif!

Trends suggest that couples are looking to achieve a specific atmosphere or vibe, and straying away from focusing only on a matchy-matchy color scheme.


Nontraditional “Florals”

Jessica Di Bella Photography

Imagine modern art mixed with a dash of parade float! Giant centerpieces, backdrops, signs, any part of the day’s decor transformed into a floral masterpiece. Just ask your florist about dried flowers, feathers, and eco-friendly options that would flow best with the concept of your special day!


New Ceremony Structures

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The ceremony space is getting more attention now than ever.

It’s 2020, forcing your guests to sit way in the back of a typical rectangular ceremony structure is just archaic and frustrating. Bring those seats into the round! Now everyone can feel like they have a front-row position to be part of your special moment.

We’re seeing large, uniquely shaped frames replace the antiquated rectangular arch behind the Bride and Groom. Floral wreaths, simple circlets, intricate geometric patterns, irregular crystalline forms, and bohemian triangles in clean lines are just scratching the surface of what vendors are willing to create.

Beyond having a frame around the happy couple, some people are going for whole walls decorated in their honor! Custom temporary wallpaper, for instance, instead of an arch, is bold and beautiful. Make a statement from floor to ceiling! Plus, it means the same perfect backdrop is accessible from any angle for photographers.


Art Inspirations

Our Story Creative

Defining your specific style is difficult, and some couples need help finding one direction for their theme to follow. We’ve been delighted to see couples use a favorite art piece as their grounding inspiration. From the color scheme to the extra lounge area, art can establish a cohesive look.


Color Palette Trends

Jessica Di Bella Photography

Speaking of color pallets, it appears many couples have had enough of the pastel Spring tones. Bold bursts of color and warm Autumn tones have gained popularity. Soften these darker broody vibes through khaki undertones and brighten with bronze or copper metallic accents.


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