Welcome back to our 2021 Trendy Wedding Prediction Series! In Part One: Motif, we discussed the overall aesthetic of the decor and ceremony space. Part Two will focus on future fashion designs for the entire Bridal Party!

Part Two: Your Wedding Look!

As we mentioned in the first segment, the overall 2020 wedding trend is Individuality. The key is being as true to your style as possible while imagining a unique way of expressing it. From bold new colors to creative statement pieces, the latest wedding fashions are all about self-expression.


Groom’s Attire

Over the last few seasons, we’re so glad grooms have been playing with the idea of fun prints for their ties and other accessories. Now, our experts are daring these trendy Grooms to explore new suit colors. With overall color schemes leaning towards the Autumn or jewel tones, could Emerald suits be the new Navy? Sharp green suits in handsome shades of Juniper, Pine, Moss, Basil are a fantastic new way to look good in every season.


Bridal Party


Photo: Laurie Ashley

We’re so excited to see more of the “comfort over conformity” mindset! Bridal shops are noticing this trend too, and now it’s easier than ever to go in with a theme and come out with a group of delighted bridesmaids. Alternate patterns, hues, necklines, waistlines, whatever your ladies need to feel beautiful.



It’s hard to beat a classic suit, but the uniformity might strike a daring few as bland. A way to jazz up the monochrome magic: reception attire! Beyond the ceremony, wearing a stuffy suit for the celebration portion of the event might be a nightmare for those big outdoor venues. Try a second, less formal, “party” ensemble for the reception. (This could go for the groom as well!) Whether you just choose to swap out the jacket or slip into some fresh Nikes, it’s all about being comfortable while making a statement for the big night.


Bridal Style

The Dress

Photo: Levi Tijerina

The latest wave of wedding gowns, straight from Fall 2019 Bridal Fashion Week, look as if our most colorful dreams were let loose upon fabric! Brightly colorful gowns, cascading rainbow ombré hues, and muted pastel pinks, blues, or purples caused quite a stir among the crowd. Even the more traditional white dresses were embellished with subtle pops of color, embroidered with colorful floral details, or hand-painted to give that hint of uniqueness to a bridal look.


Customized Veils

Hello Magazine

Over the last few seasons, more Brides have strayed away from a traditional veil. Between issues with the antiquated sentiments behind the tradition, or just not wanting to take attention away from the dress, this latest trend might bring them back into popularity! Hailey Bieber made waves with her stunning wedding ensemble in September 2019, but the pièce de résistance was the enormous embroidered message on her veil! “TILL DEATH DO US PART,” a salute towards traditional vows, adorned the end of her cathedral length dramatic train, designed by Virgil Abloh. Our experts love this idea, and hope it will breathe new life into an old tradition!


Feel Like a Queen!

By Noon On The Moon via Etsy

Are you not fond of the veil look, but searching for that regal statement? Maybe hold onto that tiara, and set your eyes on a bridal cape! A cape, or smaller capelet, can polish off any dress. It’s also the perfect cover-up for a more traditional wedding or an evening affair. (Plus, we love the ease to manage compared to pieces attached to your head.) Made in all shapes, sizes, or colors, these are a trend that is here to stay!


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