With fall in full swing, the holidays are practically here. That means it’s time to start planning your corporate holiday party.

Company holiday party venues will be filling up fast as the Christmas season approaches, so you will want to secure the right venue. After all, the atmosphere is everything for your corporate holiday party.

In this blog, you’ll find out why a corporate holiday party is a great perk, tips for hosting a holiday party event, and tricks for finding company holiday party venues.

First, let’s talk about why you should host a corporate holiday party.

Why You Should Host a Corporate Holiday Party Event

Let’s face it – parties are fun. People enjoy being able to socialize and let loose with colleagues as much as with friends and family. Here are a few reasons you may want to host a corporate holiday party:

  • Morale
  • Appreciation
  • Generosity
  • Networking

Parties boost employee morale during a peak time of the year. More employee morale leads to greater productivity, so it’s an investment in the future of your company.

In addition to morale, holiday parties show appreciation. It’s a way for your business to communicate to your employees that you value their presence at your company. You are showing your team that their contribution isn’t going unnoticed.

Offering an opportunity for employees to relax shows you care about their work-life balance. Generosity is a cornerstone trait of a good leader, so having a holiday party carries out the spirit of the season.

A great way to foster a community within your organization is to give people a casual opportunity to network. This can improve processes and productivity.

3 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Holiday Party Event

With a few easy tips and tricks, planning a corporate holiday party can be a fun experience. Let’s dive into a few tips to guide you to a stress-free, festive event.

1. Opt for A Casual Atmosphere

After a year of hard work, a holiday party will be a welcome respite. Even if your company’s daily environment is quite formal, consider a casual atmosphere for your corporate holiday party.

A casual atmosphere gives people the confidence to engage in conversations with other employees. This includes team members they may not interact with much during other times of the year. Casual events can lead to internal business connections that benefit the company, too.

2. Incorporate Lively Music

While you don’t want music so loud people can’t enjoy themselves, music can set the atmosphere for your holiday party.

You can go a few directions with music. First, you can opt for a DJ that spins recent and classic hits that people can dance to. Second, you can find a live band that does cover songs. Or third, you can play recorded holiday music to make the experience festive and seasonal.

3. Select A Few Forms of Entertainment

Entertainment can include many things – music, games, food, drinks, gift exchanges, and more.

Try to have several different activities for your employees to participate in. This will encourage engagement, add fun to the event, and loosen up any people who need some help unwinding. Set up game stations, host a gift exchange, and provide ample food and drinks.

3 Tricks for Finding Corporate Christmas Party Venues

Before you can start planning your corporate Christmas party, you’ll need to find a party venue.

XThere are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing corporate holiday party venues:

  • Number of Guests: To have enough room for all of the entertainment and guests, you’ll want to get an idea of how many people you expect to attend. Send out a survey ahead of the party planning with questions about what works for most people. This will help forecast how much space you need.
  • Food and Beverages: In addition to the guests, you’ll need to have room to set up any food and beverages that will be served. Corporate holiday party venues should have plenty of room to serve appetizers and for people to easily reach the food and drinks.
  • Entertainment: Are you planning to have games? Hosting a gift exchange? Do you want people to be able to dance? You want a venue that can accommodate whatever entertainment your holiday party will include.

Use these tricks to maximize the potential for corporate holiday party venues. However, don’t wait too long – holiday spaces will start filling up quickly as the season progresses!

Company Holiday Party Venues

Your corporate holiday party is a time for festivity and fun. To show your employees how much you appreciate their commitment to the team by choosing a holiday party venue that will leave your team in awe.

To ensure success, find a venue that creates a magical atmosphere for your Christmas party. Choose a space that has an indoor room for people who want to congregate inside, and an outdoor area for people who will enjoy the fresh air.

Looking for that perfect company holiday party venue? Harbor View Loft will make your office Christmas party come alive with an elegant event space.

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