Christmas is just around the corner and holiday planning is in full swing. Christmas trees and Christmas decorations are already available for sale in many retail stores, and people are already doing Christmas shopping.

With the office Christmas party fast approaching, many event spaces are filling up quickly. Before you find yourself without a holiday event party space, take a look at this event venue checklist. It will be helpful in planning your Christmas party!

First, let’s take a look at how to choose a Christmas event party space. Then, we’ll go through the event venue checklist that will make hosting your holiday party a breeze.

How to Choose a Christmas Event Party Space

Choosing the event space for your Christmas party is no small decision – a space that is warm and provides ample area for guests to enjoy themselves is a great way to encourage people to socialize and have a joyous time.

Here are some key aspects of your Christmas event that are helpful to consider when choosing a party space:

  • The number of guests attending the party
  • Whether a full meal or snacks will be served
  • Whether adult beverages will be available
  • The intended atmosphere for your holiday party

A space big enough for all of your guests to have room to move from conversation to conversation can be essential for corporate parties. If you’re serving a full meal, you’ll want space for your guests to eat without feeling cramped.

What do you want the atmosphere to be for your holiday party? Is this a formal Christmas event with a sit-down meal? Or is this a casual grab-what-you-want kind of holiday party? Your Christmas event party space can set the tone for your holiday gathering.

Now, let’s go over some of the venue checklist requirements for your holiday party. With this checklist, choosing a venue will be a painless experience.

Event Venue Checklist Requirements for a Christmas Event Party Space

This list of venue requirements will help guide you toward a successful holiday party. Having a great time at the Christmas party can boost employee morale and celebrate the ending of a new year.

1. Does the Event Space Fit Your Budget?

A Christmas party planning team can help put together a budget for your holiday event. Typically, you want to spend about 33% of your budget on your event space. However, this can vary depending on what is included in the space. The more that is included, the more you can allocate to your venue.

2. Will the Event Space Hold All of Your Guests?

You don’t want your guests to feel stifled, but you also want to foster good conversation for your Christmas party. What is the weather like, and will your guests have room to spread outside? That can make a nice sized space feel even larger.

3. Can You Serve and Entertain Guests?

If you plan to serve food at your holiday party, you want a space that provides ample room to sit down. However, if you’re only serving snacks or hors d’oeuvres, standing room may be appropriate. Is there room for everyone to get their own drinks, and is there room for music or other entertainment?

4. Does the Atmosphere Match Company Culture?

Every company has a different culture and atmosphere. Christmas parties are no exception, although these events tend to be a time when people are more carefree than normal. Choose a venue that will ‘wow’ your guests and leave them feeling the Christmas spirit.

4 Tips for a Festive Christmas Party

Once you’ve settled on the event space, putting together your Christmas party is just a few steps from being done.

Here are a few tips on throwing a festive holiday party:

  • Christmas Decorations: A great way to bring the spirit of the season to your event is with a few holiday decorations. You don’t have to go overboard – simple can be elegant.
  • Holiday Catering: Depending on the food you plan to serve, choose a corporate catering company that knows how to put a holiday spin on traditional foods.
  • Gift Exchange: To get your employees in the spirit, host a gift exchange with a set spending limit. Make it fun and let employees be silly with the gifts if appropriate for your company.
  • Festive Music: Whether diving deep into the holiday with Christmas music or opting for something more modern, music can liven up any party.

Think outside of the box with your Christmas party – employees love an opportunity to unwind for the holidays.

Hold Your Christmas Event Party Space Today

Christmas event party space can fill up fast. Use this event venue checklist to prepare you for your venue search and use these holiday tips to get your company in the spirit.

Reserve your holiday event space soon to alleviate any last-minute anxiety.

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