The leaves are starting to change colors and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. Caramel apples are popping up at your local grocery store, and Halloween costumes are showing up in your favorite department stores. It’s that magical time of year when summer creeps out and winter begins creeping in.

A fall wedding is a special event. The country is getting ready for the holiday season, and there’s a truly magical feeling in the air. As you plan for your fall wedding, take a look at some traditional and out-of-the-box fall wedding decor ideas.

These ideas can bring life to a season of change and warmth to a season of impending chilly breezes.

Fall Themed Wedding Decoration Ideas

Because the weather is starting to cool down and the days are getting shorter, fall is the perfect time to consider a wedding that has outdoor and indoor access. (Of course, that does depend on the part of the country you live in – winter comes early in some places!) You’ll want to make sure you decorate both spaces to set the mood.

Decorating for fall can lead you in two traditional directions – decorating with pumpkins and changing leaves or decorating for Halloween. However, you can put together an elegant fall wedding with or without the cheeky holiday decor.

These fall wedding decor ideas take things that you typically associate with fall or autumn and turn them into elegant wedding decorations.

1. Fall Color Palettes: Seasonal Colors Bring Warmth

Everyone knows the colors of fall – dark yellows, earthy browns, and deep reds interspersed with the occasional forest evergreen. These are the colors of changing leaves, and they make people long for warm cider and cozy blankets.

Use a fall color palette to add seasonal elegance to any wedding theme. It can be as simple as having table runners and bridesmaid dresses in a couple of warm colors or buying flowers in fall colors.

2. Natural Props: Pumpkins and Spice and Everything Nice

Fall is a time of deep transition. The trees are losing leaves for the winter and animals are going to sleep until the spring. Use the nature connection to bring earthy elegance to your fall wedding – think pumpkins, pinecones, and fall wreaths.

If you have your wedding toward the end of fall, consider incorporating some natural winter elements to highlight the coming changes in the seasons.

3. A Dark Affair: Let Halloween Be Your Guide

Halloween doesn’t have to be all childish costumes and candy – black with a deep red can make for a sensual and elegant wedding palette. Even deep purples work for a Halloween or fall-inspired wedding. Halloween is the first major fall holiday and it has a lot to offer an elegant wedding.

Do you want to try Halloween in a more elegant scenario? Consider having a masquerade party at your wedding. This is a bit non-traditional, but a lovely way to embrace the season and charm your guests.

Unique Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

Your elegant affair doesn’t have to be purely gowns and tuxes. Fall is the perfect time to open your heart to festive and holiday spirit with these fall-themed wedding decorations.

If you are looking for ways to turn your elegant fall wedding into a unique, truly personal event, try combining these three styles with a touch of elegance:

  • Casual: Yes, you can have casual elegance. Try adding hints of warm metallics – gold, copper, bronze – into your color palette. Opt for crystal instead of plastic where appropriate. Think small details.
  • Resourceful: Do you want to create for your fall wedding? DIY fall wedding decorations, like your own floral arrangements and table decorations, can really heighten the mood for your wedding.
  • Whimsical: If you want something a little more charming, opt for one-of-a-kind pieces in your wedding – think magical lighting. Use nature to add a touch of mysticism or whimsy.

Your wedding is your wedding – create something that speaks to who you are as a couple and use these ideas for inspiration when planning your special day.

Fall Themed Wedding Space Ideas

To really pull together these fall wedding decor ideas, you’ll want a space that encompasses all of the special attributes of fall – golden light, changing weather, and enchanting transitions. Take advantage of the cooler weather and find a venue that has outdoor space for your wedding. Watch the sunset as your wedding day comes to a close.

Use your wedding space to capture the serenity of the season. Incorporate fall floral arrangements into your wedding venue to bring the spirit of the season to your wedding. Add touches of warm lighting to accent the shorter days.

Planning a fall wedding is a special experience. You want a wedding venue that brings the warmth of the season to your big day.

Looking for a wedding venue that captures the essence of fall? Harbor View Loft offers an elegant and charming space for your special day.

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