If you are from San Diego, or even visiting, you simply can’t go wrong with a beach wedding. To capture the feel of the beach, start by hosting your wedding at a San Diego wedding venue that is very close to the water! Then, take your event to the next level by incorporating the beach into your wedding theme. You can channel the soft sand and clear blue waters throughout your wedding event, creating a fun and memorable experience for your guests.

To help with this, we have a few tips that will make your beach wedding stand out. The six beach wedding theme décor ideas below from our expert event planners at Harbor View Loft will inspire relaxation and tranquility with an elegant twist – perfect for your beach themed wedding.

1) Have a Beach Engagement Shoot

If your wedding will be held anywhere close to the beach, a beach engagement shoot is a great way to experience the sand and surf firsthand. With a photo session on the beach, you’ll be able to build anticipation for your wedding. For example, consider displaying the pictures from the beach in your invitations, or at your cocktail hour. This way, guests will have a preview of your wedding theme, with a glimpse of what is to come.

2) Make Your Beach Wedding Theme Subtle

To some people, a beach theme brings connotations of loud tropical shirts and carved out pineapples. However, you don’t have to go over the top if that’s not your style. Instead, subtly incorporate beach-related decorations to channel the more relaxing, romantic side of the ocean. For instance, your centerpieces can be made of natural elements for a refined beach look. Seashells of varying shapes, in a glass vase with white sand, make excellent statement pieces. Or, consider using vintage lanterns as holders for the seashells and sand.

If you’re looking to more ways to incorporate the beach, with a light touch, try wrapping candles with rope. Then, add a starfish for an elegant finish. To pair with this look, have your tabletops mirror the stars with long strings of dainty fairy lights.

3) Or Make It Colorful

While you can be understated with your beach-themed decorations, don’t be afraid to be bold and experiment with color. Varying shades of blue are always great options, as they bring to mind idyllic shores and surging waves. However, don’t limit yourself. Feel free to imagine a sunset over a sparkling white beach and use these hues for inspiration. This way, you can incorporate pink, red, yellow, and orange into your design while still capturing the essence of the beach.

4) Taste the Ocean

Incorporating the beach theme into your menu of choice is a great way to reinforce the relaxation and tropical elegance you are after. For hors d’oeuvres, consider offering light options like shrimp with personal sidecars of cocktail sauce. At dinner, feature a variety of seafood options or even a raw sushi bar. For example, whitefish tacos and grilled salmon with a light white wine sauce are great meal options. This will pay tribute to your wedding beach theme in a sophisticated way.

5) Bring the Beach to the Bar

Don’t limit yourself to the dining; incorporate the beach into your bar as well! A great way to do this is to decorate the bar at your venue to resemble a laid-back beachside bar. Take it one step further by offering specialty tropical drinks. Pina Coladas and strawberry daiquiris are classic favorites. For added glamour, consider offering tequila sunrises or hot pink martinis. These drinks can even be personalized as “Her Favorite Drink” and/or “His Favorite Drink”.

6) Channel the Beach into Your Wedding Favors

A great way to have your guests remember your theme is to have them take home a small memento of the beach. There are so many great beach themed wedding favors; the options are endless. For playful party favors, monogrammed flip flops and engraved sunglasses are great options. For more elegant wedding gifts, consider giving your guests a starfish wine stopper. Or, use decorative sand to represent your favorite beach as a couple, and put it into elegant jars. Your guests will be thrilled to have a lasting reminder of your beach themed wedding for their homes.

These are just a few of the many ideas that can go into your beach wedding! Our team at Harbor View Loft has years of experience and an award-winning event staff. Please contact us to begin planning your own beach themed wedding. We will work together to make your event glamorous, elegant, and romantic – just like the beach!

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