Not as Spooky as You’d Think!

Just in time for Halloween, but we’re not talking spectral seating here, folks. Our coordination team is scary good at their jobs, and we’ve found the newest trend to have at your wedding!

Seating Upgrade: Ghost Chairs

All joking aside, these Ghost Chair seating upgrades will be at every modern wedding this coming season.

Use two for the sweetheart table, just a few at small tables in a Moving Style Event, or for the whole room!

Ghost Chair Seating Upgrade

These otherworldly Ghost Chair seating upgrades are chic, with clean lines, and have an almost futuristic effect. Plus, they’re sure not to muddle the tablescape you’ve painstakingly perfected.


Incredibly, these are designed to disappear at first glance! The highly functional and comfortable seats are the newest craze to help show off the event design of your dreams.

Ghost Chair Seating Upgrade

If you can see yourself in one of these, or you’re just curious about these phantasmic seating upgrade options, ask our fabulous coordinators!



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