There is so much that goes into planning the “perfect” wedding. As event professionals, we can say this from experience. Along with this, one thing we have learned is there isn’t one universal “perfect” wedding. There is, however, a perfect wedding for YOU. So…. what does that look like?

Well… the first, and like most important thing you need to choose is the venue. While you may be able to go modern with the cake and replace it with a donut bar, you can’t plan a wedding without a venue. After all, you have to have somewhere special for your guests to gather and celebrate.

So… where to begin?

In an effort to help, we’ve put together some tips for finding the best wedding venue in San Diego.

Talk to Your Planner or San Diego Wedding Coordinator

If you’re having a hard time finding the right venue for your wedding, or if you don’t know where to start, you may want to talk to your wedding planner or coordinator (if you have one). Your wedding planner will know your vision and will be able to help you think outside the box about locations you never even knew existed. Your coordinator can help you find a venue that speaks to your vision, stays within your budget and offers more than you even dreamed of. You may also want to look exclusively at venues that have a built-in coordinator or wedding team.

Find a Venue that Speaks to Your Vision

Your vision is everything! Some couples — not all — have dreamed about their wedding day from the time they were young. Some individuals have thought about the attire (e: dress, tux), the cake, the music and the venue! While you may not have pictured a particular venue, you may have dreamed about having a wedding on the water while the sun sets and a band plays “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Or… maybe you dreamed about an outdoor wedding with romantic twinkling lights and a violinist playing beautiful classical music.

Whatever your vision is, it is important to find a venue that aligns with your expectations, and reflects your unique love story.

Write Down Your Guest List

While some couples may only want to invite immediate family members and friends, others simply don’t have a choice because their families have a list of invites longer than their own. No matter what your guest list looks like and who is doing the inviting, it’s important to think about how many people you will be expected to accommodate when choosing your wedding venue.

Based on this, you will want to choose a space appropriate for the amount of people you are inviting. Make sure you have enough room for everyone attending so your venue feels comfortable and inviting and not too crowded. You also don’t want to select too large of a space if you are having a more intimate wedding group because you don’t want it to feel cold, sparse and not welcoming.

Get Assistance in Finding the Best Wedding Venue in San Diego

If you are still on the hunt for the best wedding venue in San Diego, contact us today. We would love to schedule a time to walk you through our stunning venue and show you why San Diego couples have made our venue such a popular wedding space.

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