Couples aren’t restricted to just serving cake at their weddings these days. From donut walls to macaroon towers, dessert stations are rising in popularity. If baked confections aren’t really you and your honey’s favorite, another option that always excites guests is ice cream! This frozen treat is surprisingly easy to serve, and a wedding ice cream station has tons of versatility that will make it the cherry-on-top of your perfect night.

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With such a wide variety of flavors, this frozen treat will appeal to all of your guests. Offer a few of your favorites plus one or two exotic or dairy-free ones to cover everyone’s preferences. Want to keep it simple with just the classics? Add some fun toppings and turn your Ice Cream Bar into a full sundae station to let your guests customize their desserts! Not only can you get creative with your toppings and flavors, but you can also play with how you serve this frozen treat. Instead of sundaes, many couples opt for ice cream sandwiches, root beer floats, and milkshakes on their big days. Whether you decide to serve a little or a lot of this dessert, one of these ice cream wedding ideas is guaranteed to work for your party!

Photo: Ten22 Studio

With unique cookie choices and plenty of flavors to play with, ice cream sandwiches have reached a whole new level. Long gone are the days of bland chocolate or vanilla between two soggy chocolate wafers. Combine a few of your favorite ice cream and cookie flavors to serve up limitless combinations to try. Chocolate chip cookies with strawberry ice cream, or sugar cookies with Rocky Road! It’s safe to assume that your attendees will enjoy ice cream in all its forms, so make sure you have them covered with tasty spins on the nostalgic dessert.

You’re never too old for an ice cream sundae, and a sundae is even better when you can make it yourself. Set up an ice cream bar with a few flavors, toppings, and don’t forget the cherries! This is such a fun way for guests to customize their perfect dessert. Want a slightly elevated approach for your wedding ice cream station? Treat guests to prepared sundaes with beautiful toppings. Have your caterer scoop the dishes behind the scenes and deliver sweets to the table for a sit-down reception outdoors.

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