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If you’re planning a DIY wedding and looking for table decor ideas, napkins are just one of the many ways to personalize your tables. These linens are not only useful, but they can be essential to the completion of your tablescape. With infinite methods to be folded and displayed, they offer artistic ways to create the right mood for your tables. At the same time, napkins should complement the design, not BE the design. There is an art to finding the right balance in your wedding napkin fold, and our talented team of Event Coordinators can help lead you in the right direction. They’ve compiled a list of their recommendations for the best and trendiest options for us to share with you!



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Let’s say that there is already quite a bit going on with your tablescape. You want the napkins to compliment the table without being too ostentatious but don’t know where to go with the napkin. The flat fold napkin is perfect for a menu card with a lot of design detail on it where you don’t want to cover up the design by hiding it in the pocket. Although it seems simple, this fold has the most diverse options for placement on the table. It could go beneath the fork, on the plate, between the plate and charger, beneath the plate with a small amount peeking out, and the list goes on! Experimenting to find the look you like for your wedding napkin fold is always crucial.

Pro Tip: Rotating this classic rectangular fold 90 degrees adds a whole new whimsical feel to the place setting.


The waterfall napkin fold is one of our favorites due to the simple-ness of the fold and ease of use by your guests.  The napkin can be placed either on top of or underneath the charger plate to hold in place. The waterfall napkin usually looks best in a monochromatic or similar color choice to the linen it’s designed with.

This style creates an elegant and timeless look that draws the eye down the height of the table. It is perfect for offsetting bold linen, like the one below, or adding a prominent dash of color to classic white table cloths.


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Such a fitting napkin fold for a wedding reception. The knot is a versatile napkin fold that works especially well for fabrics that may otherwise look a bit wrinkly or shabby. The knot looks graceful and romantic no matter how you can place it on your charger or within your place setting. It is a technique perfect for event venue decoration that wants the classic look without the harshness of militaristic uniformity.


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A small variation on the flat fold is the pocket fold. This option is clean and offers loads of different uses! Perfect for people who love having everything perfectly in its place. We’ve seen it hold delicate florals, cutlery, dinner menus, and favors. Put your imagination to the test!

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This concept is adaptable and can be formed to fit whatever depth you need inside. The two main shapes are rectangular (vertically long and skinny) and a shorter squared-off version. Either is fantastic to work with and lovely on a dining plate. Depending on what details you want your guests to see, these folds can expertly direct the eye.


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Take a cue from wedding stationery when deciding on an appropriate napkin fold. Belly bands are often secured around wedding invitations, and this napkin acted similarly by wrapping horizontally around the gold-rimmed charger. The wrap style lends itself to an immaculate and classic look! The napkin can be wrapped around the plate or the charger. We have also seen this style vertical on the plate and looks sophisticated with an added individual guest menu.


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Are you looking for something modern yet rooted in the classics? Try the Triangle fold! This fold creates a sense of depth to your tabletop and will impress your guests with the intricate design and roots in fine dining restaurants. In bright colors, it’s sure to complete a statement tablescape!


The type of napkin you use can ultimately decide what type of shape you can fold your napkin. A loose, flimsy paper napkin might look nice as a simple origami swan but would look a mess if you tried to fold it into a more difficult bird of paradise shape. In comparison, a material napkin might look better as a simple French pleat because it is not stiff enough to stand up as a Cardinal Hat fold. All these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding on how to fold your napkin.

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