Having a Charitable Wedding might be for you and your significant other. Many couples are taking the wedding spotlight to do a little good for their community or a favorite charity. With all the money spent on the details, it’ll feel good to ensure your wedding investment will have a positive impact that reaches far beyond the big day.


Say “Yes!” to the Philanthropy!

Already own all the typical registry items? More and more couples are leaning towards non-traditional gifts or donations recently. Much like an eco-friendly wedding, a charitable wedding is easy to pull off and makes a difference. This way, you can incorporate philanthropy and the humanitarian spirit that showcases you as a couple into your wedding! It’s as easy as taking one extra step in the right direction. Find a nonprofit venue, use your honeymoon trip to build schools, or raise awareness of a cause that is close to your hearts. The hardest part should be deciding the lucky charity on which to focus.

"In Lieu of Favors" note with Charity information.

Get your message of generosity out there.

Communicate your intentions first thing via the invitation: “In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate donations toward our favorite charity!”

On your tables, place cards, or menus, toss out a friendly reminder of your intentions. “Thank you for being part of our lives and joining us on our special day. In honor and appreciation of our guests, we have contributed to [Name of Charity].”

Create a “badge” at Six Degrees and post it on your wedding website. Essentially, it will act as an ad, telling visitors what cause you chose to endorse and why—a little extra exposure never hurts. If your guests feel inclined to make a monetary contribution, they can click on the badge to begin.

Escort Card with Charity Info.

Make the donation process fun!

First, create a universal registry at a site like HoneyFundAmazon, or ZankYou. Next, go to your favorite charity’s website and find its donation page–from there, you can easily add it to your registry page. JustGive.org and FirstGiving.com also make it easy to arrange for guests to give in your honor.

Additionally, charity registries, like Give: Tendr let couples select a charity and choose the percentage of gifts to donate to it so your guests can help a cause that means the most to you.

Charge it! With the Working Assets credit card, every purchase you make—your shoes, your dress, your catering bill—benefits a charity of your choosing.

Whip up a game to include your guests on your choice of charity! Let them vote for their favorite cause, and watch everyone become a little more active in your community.

Wooden Coin Charity Wedding Game

Every charitable act counts.

Don’t fret about trying to coordinate all these suggestions. You’re planning a wedding, which is enough work in itself! Charities and Donation Centers appreciate any helping hand they receive, no matter the size. So, go and enjoy your special day knowing you’ve helped make the world a little brighter through your love!



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