Welcome back, and thanks for joining us as we revisit one of our favorite events!

To those of you who are with us for the first time, feel free to pause here and check out Part One: Prep and First Look to start at the beginning of this story. Sticking with us here and exploring backward is also a fine option, but we just don’t want you missing out on where we last left off!

Last time we saw these love birds, they were perched over Sunset Cliffs having one of the most fabulous First Looks we’ve seen this year. So now, it’s finally time for the big moment…


Part Two: The Ceremony!

Guests made their way towards our venue, guided by the hand-painted signs leading them upstairs towards the festivities!

At the top of the steps, this view and the gentle sea breeze set the tone for this romantic bay-front wedding.

Everyone visited the bar to pick up their complimentary Welcome Drink on their way to find their seats at the ceremony. The glass of champagne, thanks to Personal Touch Dining, was to be saved for a special toast right after the service.

The focal point of the ceremony was the stunning geometric, crystal inspired, backdrop art. We’ve never seen anything so unique. Mary found it through Laurie Ashley Photography, and had to have it for her special day!

After the officiant, Troy and his Groomsmen were the first to enter the ceremony and lined up, waiting for the rest of the Bridal Party.

Just before Mary made her entrance, the adorable Ring Bearer and Flower Girl nearly stole the show!

We love this shot, by Kristyn Taulane Photography, of the Bride and her father walking down the aisle together.

Everybody watches the Bride, but we always have to take a peek back at the Groom to see his reaction!

What an incredible setup! With all the palm trees and that incredible art piece in the back, this ceremony location is perfect for those stunning must-have memory pictures.

Pictures from just one angle don’t do it justice. The view the guests have on our Patio is over 180 degrees of gorgeous scenery to either side of them. A bird’s eye view shows off all the potential it offers.

It’s hard not to get swept up in all of the emotions expressed during the vows!

An exchange of rings, and then it was time for the Big Kiss!!

Finally, guests raised their champagne glasses and gave a toast to the newlyweds!

We love pointing out the “I Do” Glow whenever we can because it’s our favorite part of our events. Just look at those smiles!

While these two went off to take sunset and family pictures, their guests got to kick off the partying!


Up next is the final segment of this happy couple’s wedding journey in Part Three: The Party!



Personal Touch Dining

Kristyn Taulane Photography

Molly Zager Florals

TNT Entertainment

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