We guess it goes without saying that the wedding trends for 2021 will be influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. This year’s Spring weddings have either been postponed since last year or put together with bated breath, hoping they wouldn’t get canceled. The uncertainty hasn’t seemed to rattle the spirit of celebration, though. Big intentions, bold colors, and unique surprises around each corner run electric through these upcoming weddings, and we’re beyond excited to see how they turn out!

Brunch Weddings

outdoor wedding beautiful brunch mixed seating
Molly Carr Photography,Venue: Hotel Château Du Grand-Lucé

What is more “Spring” than a garden brunch party? Currently, couples seem to be drastically divided between casual comfort and full-blown fancy for their wedding receptions. For the more relaxed end of the spectrum, grab a mimosa or Bloody Mary because the brunch wedding is the place to be in Spring of 2021.

As more weddings are held outdoors, couples take advantage of daylight and sun-kissed experiences, including lush garden brunch parties and mouthwatering brunch boxes under airy tents. These types of weddings are fantastic for Sunday weddings or the weekday weddings we’re seeing become more popular. The best part is guests have the option to continue the party through the day or to retire home after an eventful celebration for a delightful, late afternoon nap.

Truly Embracing The Outdoors

Photo: Capture Me Studio

Whether it’s the call of the wild or vitamin D deprivation from being stuck indoors for so long, couples are moving their party to the outdoors in a tidal wave movement. In states like our own, blessed with mild and mostly sunny weather in the Spring, any if not all events will be held outdoors. This has lead imaginative couples to dive into the saying “the sky’s the limit” with their weddings.

We see lots of tents with twinkly lights, greenery used instead of walls or ceilings, and exchanging vows on mountaintops. Thanks to our large outdoor Patio, having your ceremony and reception here beneath the stars, and surrounded by stunning views of San Diego Bay, the outdoors has never been closer to home.

Mismatched Seating

You’ve seen mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but suddenly, event designers and planners are going wild for mismatched seating and tables. We don’t know why this classy/quirky look gives us such a thrill, but the overall feel is victorian garden party meets Alice in Wonderland, and we love it.

In the past, ceremony spaces and reception venues had standardized seating options (square, rectangular, circular, the options are endless), often without mixing and matching layouts. With unconventional reception designs on the rise, mismatched tables (some for four and others for six) not only safely reflect this time, but they photograph magnificently.

Edible Flowers Everywhere

True Photography

Some flowers taste as good as they look, which is probably why edible flowers are all the trend. In some of the most delightfully unusual ways, Spring 2021 weddings are all about the flowers outside of floral arrangements. Couples have flowers frozen in ice cubes, infused in drinks, tossed in salads, and on top of desserts. It’s a unique way to use floral elements in ways that don’t involve centerpieces and bouquets.

Colors With a Breath of Fresh Flair

Whimsical. Overall, 2021 weddings are leaning away from all-white weddings and toward fun, bright, and happy colors just about everything. From stationary, decor, and foods, Spring and Summer wedding couples are pushing the typical wedding decor ideas. Just as the ’90s is suddenly trending in fashion, bold color palettes and prints are surging in popularity at weddings. Our experts foresee couples reveling in fresh, nature-driven hues and unexpected palettes into their wedding decor.

“Grandmillenial” Decor

Jessica DiBella Photography

We’re not sure where hilarious this term originated, but surprisingly there’s something there that rings with a little truth. This grandma-inspired, modern Millennial style is inspiring a lot of fun, bold wedding trends. This trend isn’t only for the Spring season. Popular “Grandmillenial” decor elements include antique furniture, funky floral wallpaper, and mix-and-matched patterns. Twisting together different textures, like wood and metallic accents, is also key. Try to envision greens, branches, and grasses spray painted for dramatic hanging floral pieces. Unexpected combinations of materials like velvets, suedes, and satins will add bold pops of color and depths.


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