It’s finally the end of the most wonderful,

probably the most hectic,

night of a couple’s life.

Why not go out in style for their Grand Exit?


Much like celebrities, the Bride and Groom are never without their dutiful

paparazzi (aka the photographers),

shuffling them from one picture pose to the next.

Everything is very controlled, not often candid, and even all the fun bits are

closely monitored and documented.


Photographer: Leaf Wedding Photography

Finally, the Grand Exit arrives and the Bride and Groom can

see the light at the end of the tunnel,

sometimes literally.


Photographer: Savoring The Sweet Life

We’ve seen guests make tunnels out of their arms, glow sticks,

and even streamers for the lucky couple to run through!

Our Loft offers incredible views on either side looking out over the Bay or the Harbor

so your exit can have the perfect backdrop.


Photographer: Gabriel Conover

Other times, the Grand Exit is seen as the last chance

to make a statement and some couples take flight in a get-away mobile!

The car can be waiting for you right in front of our stairs!


We do have a few things we ask that you DO NOT include in your great escape:


  • Please, no sparkler/firesticks/fire-works or any form of portable pyrotechnics. The critters around us appreciate our waters clean, so we try to keep them far from anything that would muck up their homes.
  • Please, no rice or small candies that the wild-life could ingest. (We’ve noticed that sick/dead animals tend to put a damper on wedding celebrations.)
  • Please, no glitter/confetti or feathers. If anyone has had a craft explosion in their home, they know glitter can especially be the stuff of nightmares. The extra effort by our staff to collect all your sparkles at the end of the night will come out of your deposit, just be warned.


Things we DO encourage are: Glow Sticks, Natural Rose Petals,

Bubbles, Streamers/Streamer Sticks, Candles,

Balloons with Lights inside, Eco-Friendly Confetti, Ribbon Wands,

and the list goes on!


Photographer: Gabriel Conover Photography

Take a minute to discuss options for your Grand Exit with our wonderful

Loft Coordinators! Chances are we’ve seen just about everything

and can answer any questions you’ve got.



Thanks to all the photographers who are featured here

for these awesome action shots! Also big thanks as always

to Personal Touch Dining for the amazing Management

and Catering of our Loft.

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