Fancy a Favor for your wedding?


Gina Navarro Favorites

Gifting your guests a miniature memento of your big day is a timeless tradition,

but if you’re scrambling for some inspiration, worry no longer!


Koozies can be customized with the wedding date or any other personalized message and in the future,

your friends will think of your wedding when they sip on a cool beverage.

Reception Quote example | Unique Wedding Venue Style
Photo by B. Photography


The souvenirs can literally be almost anything as long as they represent the Bride and Groom in a special way.

Foynat Wedding Photography at Unique Wedding Venue
Photo by Foynat Wedding Photographer


Photo booths are a fun way to provide countless picture keepsakes

as well as hours of hilarious entertainment during the event for your guests.

Photo by Foynat Wedding Photographer
Photo by Foynat Wedding Photographer


A symbolic sweet treat can go a long way!

Joshua Killeen photography at San Diego Wedding Venue
Photography by Joshua Killeen


Small and simple favors can be wonderful as long as the genuine personality of the happy couple is felt through the gift.

Top Shelf Photo @ San Diego Wedding venue
Photo by Top Shelf Photo


They don’t always have to last forever! Too many weddings and guests have loads of little bobbles bouncing around their house.

These temporary tattoos are easy to customize, fun for all ages, and reduce a little of life’s clutter.

Rad + In Love photography @Unique San Diego Wedding Venue
Photo by Rad + In Love


Succulents are becoming increasingly popular as favors due to their adorable size, wide range of styles, and easy care instructions.

Taylor Kinzie Photography at San Diego Wedding Venue
Photo by Taylor Kinzie Photography


Is love the spice to your life? Try sending a little bottle of love home with your guests!

Vacay Photo at Harbor View Loft
Photo by Vacay Photo


So just remember:

These micro manifestations of the Bride and Groom are meant to be a fun, small, and meaningful “thank you” to your guests

for supporting your relationship and believing in your future.


If you have fun with it, they will too.


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