With August right around the corner, we are starting to feel the end of summer quickly approaching. Although this normally brings disappointment to most San Diegans, our team here at Harbor View Loft is getting VERY excited! Construction is underway, which means that by the time fall comes around, Harbor View Loft will be available for events! We are eager to see the space decorated with our favorite fall colors like burgundy, navy, dark grey, ivory and so much more. Along with the many different color palettes to choose from, we love the pretty floral options that are available in the fall months. Seasonal flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums, asters, lilies, anemones and ranunculus create the perfect bouquets and centerpieces that will look gorgeous at our upcoming events here.

Everyone has been asking about the design and color scheme of our new venue, to determine which event color combination matches best. We love our design plan because we have white and grey color tones, which actually allows you to bring in whichever colors you prefer. Whether you like simple, minimal décor or tons of decorations and florals, your event here is going to be stunning. Since we have both gold and silver chargers and votive candles, you can select whichever one works best for you as an accent color. With over 50 linen colors to choose from, you’re also able to implement pops of color through your table linens and napkins, rather than adding a ton of extra décor. You have the option to choose which look you want to go for, and we are so excited for you to make the space your own!


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