Another great alternative to wedding cake is an interactive dessert station! Our favorites are s’mores, churros, ice cream sundaes and root beer floats.

Our s’mores station allows guests to roast their own marshmallows and add in chocolate or peanut butter cups to create a s’more to their liking. Another crowd favorite is the churro station, which features delicious warm full-sized churros with cinnamon and sugar. Plus it comes with chocolate sauce, carmel sauce and whipped cream as dipping sauce for guests to help themselves.

The ice cream sundae station is super popular because it comes with a ton of different toppings including sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry sauce, nuts, candies, whipped cream and cherries. Your guests can add as many toppings as they want! Last but not least, root beer floats are a unique way to surprise your guests. No matter what you choose, your friends and family will be thrilled with any one of these exciting and delicious dessert options!


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