What is your Guest’s second most remembered detail of your event? The answer might give you a brewed awakening…

The answer is the Bar!

Whether its simple and only serves beer and wine, or if you choose to go with the full liquor bar, our bartenders have excellent experience in crafting a mouthwatering cocktail! Often, a theme to the event or a crowd favorite with your guests will inspire a drink specifically for the occasion.

Pictured above is Personal Touch Dining‘s signature drink The Apple Ginger Sparkler. The original drink recipe is non-alcoholic, but upon request, they have recommended mixing the effervescent concoction with Bourbon, White Rum, or even a Cinnamon Whiskey! Garnished with a cinnamon stick and some candied ginger, the drink is sweet with a bit of spice and is a crowd favorite.

Our Brides and Grooms have come to us with a wide assortment of delicious and adventurous drinks, renamed and given a special twist to fit their big day.

With all these punny ideas, everyone will want to stop and smell the rosé at your event.


At least you’ll know you haven’t made any pour selections.


 If cocktails are a bit too extravagant for your taste, go for a more full bodied experience with a spread of local beers and wines instead. San Diego is a hot spot for local breweries and we’re just a jump away from the Temecula wineries! Pick up a favorite beer or wine and bibidi-bobidi-booze, your bar will be a raving success!

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