Where do you begin to list all you’re thankful for?

Reflecting on the Mother’s Day Holiday, we found ourselves gazing out our windows on the sweeping views of San Diego Bay. Thanks to our mothers, our eyes are open to all the beauty the world has to offer! Consequently, like children, everything outside our Loft’s door reminds us of her love.

She is as kind as the Spring sun on our faces.

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Generous as the ocean, giving her pearls of wisdom and nourishing with her hard work.

Guiding us patiently as do the tides, shaping us soft yet continuously.

Forgiving like the sunset, each time astonishing and resplendent, making us wonder what we did to deserve such love.

Beautiful as the city lights dancing as they reflect on the water.

waterfront san diego event venue

Strong as the trees, standing tall and dignified no matter the weather.

Through her wonderful example, we learn compassion, bravery, love, and how to serve others by looking outside of ourselves.

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To the world, she is a mother, but to us, she is the world.

We hope all you mothers feel Loved and Celebrated this Mother’s Day from all of us at Harbor View Loft!

“Mothers: All love begins and ends there.”

–Robert Browning

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