Wedding cakes are the newest blank canvas.

Couples can customize their cakes in nearly any fashion and unlike our parent’s wedding cakes…

Although beautiful in their complexity, today’s cakes are simpler.

The classic design: one of the most popular choices and most commonly imagined when someone mentions a wedding cake.

 The cake has clean lines and edges in ivory or white frosting and is splashed with color from a few simple flowers to coordinate with the table arrangements. One of our favorite vendors, Flour Power Cakes, always has the most beautiful cakes with an infinite number of flavors.

Beautiful and timeless.

This type of cake is also most often crowned with dainty, intricate cake toppers that can be customized to send any message the couple wants!

Oh, but believe me, we’ve also seen some unique cakes as well!

Another style that gained popularity over the last few years is the unfrosted or “naked” cake.

This particular cake pictured above is only “half dressed” and the style offers a trendy look while still falling under the “rustic” genre.

We’ve also had naked cakes that weren’t even caked at all!

Just recently a bride and groom ordered a giant, three-tiered Napoleon Cake for their special day. Many layers of golden brown puff-pastry are filled with millie fueille cream and dusted with powdered sugar, no frosting needed at all. It was unique, light in texture and flavor, and absolutely delicious!

If big, multiple tiers of cake just seems a bit too much, you can join another newer trend and go mini!

Not only do cupcakes allow for perfect portions, but they’re also great for exact number counts and the flavor options can be limitless!

To cut to the chase: your cake is free ground to express yourself however you want! Pick something you would want to eat. No ifs, ands, or bundts.


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