When you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party, or a holiday party, one way to make it special is to add unique candle decorations. These can be placed on the tables and throughout the event venue. Most of these New Year’s Eve candle decoration ideas are budget friendly or easy to make. They will create a dramatic ambiance for your event and help to welcome in the New Year.

Color Coordinated Candles

You don’t have to be especially fancy to have a big impact. Instead of scattering candles throughout the room, arrange them in like-color groupings. This may mean matching candles by exact color, or arranging different types of candles that share a similar color scheme. You can create a centerpiece of like-colored candles at each table, or assign each table a different color for variety.

Candle Tray Centerpiece

To decorate your tables, create an interesting centerpiece with different sized candles in an attractive arrangement. Place the candles on a round mirror or shiny tray, or inside a glass holder. Surround the candles with other decorative items, such as small stones, leaves, pine needles, or berries.

Cocktail Candles

Here’s a fun design. Add gold or silver garland beads to a wine or other drinking glass. Then, position a tall white or colored taper candle in the center of the glass. Voila! You have a candle that looks like a fancy cocktail, perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Floating Flower Candles

Make your own unique centerpieces out of glass cylinders, silk flowers, and floating votive candles. Put a silk flower and winding stem into a vase or other clear cylinder, fill with water, and add the floating candle at the top. Use different types and colors of silk flowers, as well as different shaped vases, for a varied visual effect.

Unusual Shapes

If you make your own candles, you can shape them like almost anything. It’s fun to make candles to resemble wine or champagne glasses, mason jars, coffee mugs, or even bottlecaps. It’s easy to do and makes a huge impact.

Fruit Slice Candle Centerpiece

Create an unusual candle centerpiece out of your favorite colored fruit and votive candles. To do this, start with a large cylinder bowl. Add water pearls or glass marbles and position fruit slices (oranges are good) around the internal edges. Then, then top it off with three or four tall votive cylinders with white or matching-color floating candles in the center. The result will look good enough to eat.

Fairy Light Candles

Why do you need LED lights if you have candles? Adding LED fairy lights around a tall candle, or around a class vase housing one or more candles, makes for a magical effect. Even better, add the fairy lights to a glass cylinder with a floating candle inside. It will make for a special presentation with minimal effort.

Scented Candle Decorations

If you’re making your own candles, you can make them in just about any color you want. You can also create scented candles with all manner of appealing fragrances. Various online merchants offer a huge variety of fragrance oils with just about every scent you can imagine.

Colorful Gel Candles

Here’s another one if you make your own candles. Make colorful gel candles with different colored gels within the candle itself. Depending on the colors you choose, these can look a little like stationary lava lamps. You can even add other items into the gel, such as colored marbles or small stones. The gel looks like liquid, and the finished effect is mesmerizing.

Glitter Candles

A little glue plus a lot of glitter equals sparkling candle designs! Add glitter to candle holders, to the base of glass votive holders, or even to the outside of the candle itself. Cover the item with glitter or get creative with different patterns and colors. If you make your own candles, you can even add glitter into the candle wax itself.

Glitter Countdown Candles

Working with glitter offers a plethora of fun design opportunities. Create your own countdown to the New Year by using glitter to outline the year’s digits. This can be done on the outside of thick pillar candles. Tape a big number to a plain candle, then completely cover the candle with glitter. Remove the number and you have a glitter candle with the number outlined. Create one candle for each digit of the New Year and position as a centerpiece.

Glitter Luminaries

Here’s another way to use glitter in your candle designs. Create a glitter luminary by covering the inside of a mason jar with gold glitter or glitter paint. Add a candle inside and you have a glowing, sparkling piece that everyone will be talking about.

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