A Bright Idea You’ll Love a Whole Watt!

We’re hoping this little blurb about the importance of Up-Lighting might turn you on to the idea of some at your upcoming event!

(All Puns Intended.)


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All jokes aside, Up-Lighting is crucial for setting the atmosphere you want your guests to understand when they walk in.

Any “designed experience” whether it be a wedding, corporate party, holiday bash, etc. has a desired presence or affect it wants to have on the guests.
The goal is to subliminally portray the energy you want to see coming from your guests through the environment.
Table decorations and linens can only go so far before you realize how little those fill up space in the room.
Up-Lighting is the easiest and most subtle way to create the foundation for the mood you want to convey.


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Contrary to popular belief, it makes a difference during the day as well!

Our venue was designed purposely to be as theme flexible and customizable as possible to best suit the desires of our clients. Without a little Up-Lighting, the views would still be spectacular, but very white.
The lights add depth and can paint the room in colors corresponding to the rest of your event.


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Many DJ’s even offer packages that include Up-Lights!

Most of the DJs we recommend for our venue are experts on creating the ideal celebratory environment and have lights of their own.
All this can complete your music package while bringing the room and the dancefloor to life!


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Just ask our talented Coordination Team for our preferred DJs who can better enlighten you on their professional recommendations for our space!


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