Breathtaking Ceremony Florals!

Want that jaw-dropping backdrop for your wedding ceremony, but need a little real-life inspiration?


We’ve seen nearly everything clients can imagine, but new designs are coming out every week.
Here are some examples of our favorites so far!


Circular Floral Arches

This trendy and stunning concept has blown up over the last couple of wedding seasons, and we are obsessed!
We love the symbolism of the circle for wedding ceremonies alluding to the everlasting love and eternal bond of the vows. The full circle also creates an all-encompassing frame for photos, haloing the happy couple in an other-worldly wreath of splendor. We’ve seen lush bouquets of roses, eucalyptus, or even palm fronds have a dazzling effect on a ceremony site, capturing every eye in the crowd.

Photo below by Half Full Photography

Florals by Splendid Sentiments
Other, more angular-shaped frames (of a similar circular fashion like hexagons or octagons), have been used as well. These multi-sided structures complement the stylish geometric accents clients might use on their dining table centerpieces to make a cohesive theme. In such cases, the need for flowers falls only on accent joints, leaning the look towards a more modern motif.

Photo below by  Half Full Photography

Florals by Splendid Sentiments


Traditional Rectangular or Pergola-Style Arches

The classic rectangular framed arch is beautiful in its familiarity and revered for its time-honored durability and reliability.
A “Pergola-Style” arch refers to a rectangular frame with added depth. (Creating a sheltered space beneath the arch where the couple to stand, instead of in front of, the arch.) This style is most popular, especially in Jewish wedding ceremonies here it is commonly referred to as a Chuppah, and can either stand on its own or be held up in each corner by friends and family.

Photo below by Shelly Anderson Photography

Florals by Tessfresh Flowers
The potential floral arrangements for these frames are endless, and most florists are familiar with almost any design or image you can think up. Don’t be afraid to go all out!


Floral Pillars

For a modern twist on an excellent decor option, the aesthetically pleasing pillars accentuate the happy couple instead of potentially overshadowing them. Through a symbolic eye, we like to believe they represent the Bride and Groom in their most simplified state: stable, proud, confident in their decisions, separate, yet united in their symmetry.

Photo below by Shane and Lauren Photography

Florals by Green Fresh Florals + Plants


Aisle Markers and Decorations

Let’s not forget the aisle itself!
Often overlooked in the excitement for the destination, the aisle can be the start of your visual crescendo. Decked in garlands, lanterns, petals, plants, or streamers, an adequately decorated aisle can guide the eye in pictures and be as much of a statement as the journey’s end.

Photo below by Lindsey Marie Photography


Florals by Breezy Day Weddings
Connecting your wedding concept thoroughly across your given space with this technique will give your event an evenly balanced and more natural flow. What you want to avoid are large decorations in disjointed locations.

Photo below by True Photography

Florals by Simply Adina Floral Design

If you like what you see here, click the images for a direct link to each florist responsible for these masterful floral designs.

For questions about the capability of our venue for your latest dream ceremony creations, ask our fabulous Coordination Team!

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