Always a Bridesmaid? Always best dressed!

Let’s all take a moment to thank the Gods of wedding fashion for finally cutting the poor bridesmaids some slack!

Gone are the terrifying patterns, unnecessary frills, and–honestly–UGLY bridesmaids dresses that condemned

sisters, friends, and cousins to entire days trapped in sympathetic awkwardness.


These days, Brides have changed their tune and don’t seem to be purposely trying to torment their most cases.

(To each their own.)


The dresses tend to be slimmer, more romantic in style, and flowy.

They’re cut for a much more flattering fit, subtly textured or patterned, even personally chosen by the Bridesmaids according to a loose set of guidelines set by the Bride.


Length still tends to vary depending on the location and time of year.

A big trend that came about a few years ago and has stuck around was the varying shades of a single color.

This ombre look adds depth to photos, transforming a wall of fabric into defined individual people.


In some cases, the Bride can choose to have her Bridesmaids in several different colors or varying dress styles that still fit within her idea for the event.

This allows the group to personalize their dress and choose which shade and cut compliments each person better.

The new rule of thumb seems to be:

if it looks good with the bouquet, it goes!


There are so many colors, cuts, textures that can all be combined to fit a Bride’s vision for her big day!

Everyone understands that what she wants should be all that matters…

Which is why we will always appreciate the Brides who factor in their Bridesmaids’ feelings to their final decisions,

but bottom line:

Bridesmaids will wear almost anything if it makes the Bride happy.

In the end, it’s all for love!



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