Incorporate A Lounge Area Into Every Event!

From trade shows and corporate meetings to weddings, a comfortable lounge area can be beneficial in various ways. They offer an oasis to your guests, particularly if your event involves a lot of walking or standing, but they can also be an excellent meeting point for attendees to network. Creating a relaxed or informal moment during an event can be more conducive to starting a conversation and getting things flowing.

Hot Spots

Create a variety of matching locations for your attendees to chat comfortably in smaller groups. This layout is ideal if you have a lot of space, and it can be more luxurious than offering just one lounge area.

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Wide Open Spaces

An open layout such as this makes for fluid mingling allows attendees to sit without cornering themselves off from the rest of the event. This is particularly good if there is something to watch on a stage or pay attention to, and these low tables make resting drinks easier for a more informal atmosphere.

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Vintage Chic

A popular trend as of late is creating a traditional lounge space in different settings. For example, designers would style the furniture after anything from an old-style English living room to Art-Deco Glamour. These adapted settings create an outdoor event lounge space to immerse your guests in the motif you choose fully.

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Networking Stations

Although originally used for a wedding, this layout would also suit a corporate setting. Add a lounge to your corporate meeting or conference for a welcome break, as well as a way to promote continued conversation throughout the day. The combination between stools and rattan chairs provides a seating option for everyone.

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New Hollywood

Old Hollywood glam mixed with the latest fashions is always a hit with guests. This themed lounge is effective, creates an immersive experience, and looks welcoming.

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