With COVID-19 Vaccines being distributed, couples and event planners are catching a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel for their long-awaited event dates. While the optimists are even predicting that we’ll have a sense of “normalcy” by the end of Summer or early Fall, there are lots of changes to the food trends you’re going to see at this Summer’s weddings. Everyone is hyper-aware of the food options at these events, and they’re taking extra precautions where they can.

Breaking Up With Buffets

Buffet catering has traditionally been a popular way to serve dinner at larger weddings. The most recent concerns they present are the shared utensils, uncovered dishes, and self-serve nature. This is causing many to choose plated, or Seated Dinner styled events instead. This includes everything from formal dining affairs to food trucks and even sack lunches! We see some nixing dinner altogether and just opting for a simple cake and champagne reception too. It’s all to minimize the potential of spreadable contagions for their guests.

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Veggies on the Rise

Sustainability was an overarching theme for events in 2021 from the beginning, but Vegan and vegetarian food options are truly getting the spotlight. There’s an abundance of local fruits and vegetables that are part of the top 2021 wedding trends. While many couples are still including options so as not to let certain carnivore guests go hungry, we’re seeing a delightfully wide selection for the vegan/vegetarian crowds as well. Couples are taking notice of their guests’ dietary restrictions now more than ever.

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All Single Servings

Along the same theme as seated dinners, the idea of single-served desserts is growing in popularity with couples, and we can’t blame them! They’re more hygienic, look great in photos, and give couples tons of flexibility on what to offer. Did someone say donut walls, macaron towers, and wedding cupcakes?! Instead of a large dessert station, couples choose to serve a selection of desserts on individual platters per table or plated per person and similarly offered to their guests like a seated dinner.

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